San Pedro Market

Mercado Central de San Pedro


San Pedro Market is a must see for visitors to Cusco. It's mainly a local market selling everything from fruit & veg, meat, flowers, herbs and traditional medicines, bread, flowers and clothing as well as stands to buy freshly made fruit juices and local dishes. There is also a handicraft section for tourists selling all the usual stuff such as alpaca sweaters, blankets, textiles, bags at prices much cheaper than nearer the Plaza de Armas. Please remember that this is a real market and not a tourist attraction as such so try to be respectful to the locals and ask before taking photos. There are pickpockets about so be extra careful with your belongings and best to leave your valuables such as passports and credit cards in your hotel safe.


The traditional medicines section is particularly interesting combining stalls selling local herbs, medicinal plants and flowers with shamanic stalls selling the San Pedro cactus and a whole variety of strange items and love potions that borders on witchcraft!


Many people may wish to avoid the meat section as the meat sold here doesn't come nicely packaged like in your supermarket back home. Instead you'll see plenty of animal carcasses hanging up some with their heads still on, cuts of meat being prepared by axe-wielding stall-holders and a variety of different animal body parts including sheep heads, cows jaws, chicken feet, pigs trotters, tongues, hoofs, tripe, and even a bucket of live frogs. Nothing goes to waste here. Maybe not a good idea to go just before lunch.

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