Plaza San Blas

Plaza San Blas


The San Blas district is located on a hill to the northeast of the Plaza de Armas. The area is known as Cusco's artisans' quarter since many of the best craftsmen have their workshops and small art galleries in the cobbled, narrow streets surrounding the 16th-century church of San Blas. Craftsmen include Hilario Mendivil, Santiago Rojas, Maximiliana Palomino & Edilberto Merida.  It is believed that this area was also the artists' district even during the Inca times, with the streets filled with the best gold- and silver-smiths, potters, painters and carvers from throughout the Inca empire.


San Blas really comes to life in the evenings when the bars and restaurants open.

The area above the fountain to the northeast of the plaza is a good place to take advantage of the view out over Cusco and the red tiled rooftops. On Saturdays there is a handicraft market in the square.

San Blas Church (Iglesia de San Blas)


Plaza San Blas, admission S/.10  open 10am-6pm Mon-Sat. 2-6pm Sun

San Blas church, founded in 1562, is of simple adobe construction but it contains an extraordinary wood pulpit carved from a single massive tree-trunk. At the top stands Saint Paul, his foot resting on a human skull, believed to belong to the craftsman who made the pulpit.

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