Plaza Nazarenas

Plaza Nazarenas, Cusco


Plaza Nazarenas is a pretty little square just 1 block from the main Plaza de Armas in Cusco. To get there just follow the cobbled street to the left of the main Cathedral (standing in the Plaza de Armas looking at the Cathedral in front of you, its the street to the left heading uphill) As you go up the street you will pass the Museo Inka on your left, which is well worth a visit.


Plaza Nazarenas is surrounded by some of the best and most exclusive hotels in Cusco. As you enter Plaza Nazarenas you have the 5-star Inkaterra La Casona on your left. On the far side of the Plaza and to the left you have the 5-star Belmond Palacio Nazarenas and just next door and to the right you can find the 5-star Belmond Monasterio Hotel. Both Palacio Nazarenas and the Monasterio both have excellent restaurants set in beautiful colonial courtyards and open to non-residents, check out the Restauarant Senzo (Palacio Nararenas) & Restaurant Illariy (Monasterio) respectively.


On the far left of the Plaza Nazarenas (as you enter from the Plaza de Armas) you can find the Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino (the Pre-Colombian Art Museum). If you are like me and don't know your history "Pre-Colombian" means any Peruvian history relating to the time before Chrisopher Colombus discovered the Americas. i.e. the Incas and cultures before them. I know you knew that, but just in case.. This is an excellent museum and if you are planning on visiting any museum whilst in Cusco I would recommend the Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino first, narrowly followed by the Museo Inka and then maybe by the Museo Machu Picchu. Unfortunately none of these museums are included on the Boleto Turistico so you'll have to pay an extra entrance fee (but well worth it and much better than the free museums included on the Boleto Turisto which are enough to put you off visiting museums for life). Located in one of the interior patios of the Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino you can find the stunning MAP cafe. It's not a cafe but a stylish top quality restaurant. Looking like a glass cube this intimate restaurant serves modern Peruvian cuisine.


Also worth checking out is the Fallen Angel restaurant - a unique and quirky bar / restaurant famous for its late night themed parties. Located right in the corner between the Inkaterra La Casona Hotel and the Museo de Arte Pre-Colombino this restaurant is worth a visit if only for the wacky decor - flying pigs at the bar, a huge painting of a sleeping cherub and bathtubs filled with live fish. Great cocktails but food has mixed reviews though.


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